Child's Assistant - Information for Children

Child Assistants ensure that the child’s wishes and interests are heard in court and other authorities.

What's it about?

When your parents separate or get a divorce, they might not be able to agree on how things should continue. For example, on who will stay in the family home or who will get the car. Or they argue about money.

But above all, it’s about you!

  • Which parent you should mainly live with
  • How often you can see your mum or dad
  • How long these visits should last

Sometimes it’s also about which school you should go to, or how often and for how long you can visit grandma or grandpa, or where your dog or cat should live in the future as well as other things. This is a very difficult and sad situation for children.

If your parents can’t agree

…a judge will decide what should happen. However, the judge must decide based on what they think is best for you. But what is best for you? Your parents love you very much and want to spend as much time with you as possible. It’s probably not easy for you to talk about your fears. You don’t want to offend or upset your mum or dad if you honestly tell them:


This is why many judges decide that you should receive support from someone called a »Kinderbeistand«. And you’re lucky to be one of the children who gets a Kinderbeistand!

And the most important thing

The Kinderbeistand is only there for you and he or she is not allowed to talk to anyone about what you tell or ask them. Not to your mother, not to your father, not to the judge, and not to anyone else.

But there’s also something else:

Before the judge makes a decision, something called a court hearing is held. At this hearing, all the adults say what they think is best for you. But the judge also wants to hear your opinion and your wishes. Once you and your Kinderbeistand have talked about everything that’s important to you, you can think about whether you want to say something to the judge and your parents or whether you want to ask them for something. Your Kinderbeistand writes down your thoughts and wishes with you and then reads them out loud at the hearing. All the adults have to be quiet and listen. Maybe your parents can then come to an agreement after all. And if not, it’ll be easier for the judge to make a decision that’s good for you and what you want.

What's a Kinderbeistand and what do they do?

Your Kinderbeistand is a woman or man who knows a lot about children and how difficult it is when parents separate and then fight in court.

You can talk to him or Her about everything …